Crazy for Rose Gold

Rose Gold and High Performance Metals.

Rose gold can be added as inlay to titanium, cobalt chrome, black zirconium and Damascus steel. There are a lot of options with rose gold from plain rose gold in flat, domed or concave profile with a variety of different edge options and finishes.

Rose Gold Rings with alternative metal inlay or cerakote finish.

Rose Gold has been around for a while and its popularity has really grown in the past few years.

How is Rose Gold Made? All pure gold (24K) is yellow so not sure if I need to mention there is no such thing as pure white or rose gold. To achieve rose gold other alloys need to be added. To make Rose Gold - 14K would be 14 parts pure (yellow) gold and 10 parts other metals like silver, copper and zinc. 18K would be 18 parts pure (yellow) gold and 7 parts copper and silver.

Rose Gold Facts

  • Rose gold gets is color by adding the alloy copper.

  • Rose gold is not hypoallergenic.

  • Rose gold does not tarnish.

  • Rose gold is more durable than yellow or white gold.

  • Rose gold does not need to be replated like white gold.

  • White Gold represents friendship, yellow gold fidelity and rose gold love

Mary Comerford