Checkered Flag Wedding Ring in Titanium

Checkered Flag Wedding Ring

This is a great ring for the racing enthusiast. Flags are used in auto racing and most flags have become standardized across Motorsports. A checkered flag is used to indicate that the race has ended. Once that flag is displayed at the start/finish line, as each driver crosses that line, he or she must slow down and return to his or her pit.

 GETi Titanium has an awesome laser carved checkered flag wedding ring. This ring is available in several widths from 6 mm to 9 mm, comfort fit and the center has a satin finish and the edges are polished. This unique ring is sure to be a topic of conversation

Checkered Flag Wedding Rings

Checkered Flag Wedding Ring in Titanium by GETi

Checkered Flag Wedding Ring in Titanium by GETi

Did you know? A possible though unlikely theory is that horse races during the early days of the settlement of the American Midwest were followed by large public meals and that to signal that the meals were ready and racing should come to an end, a checkered red tablecloth was waved. A more likely explanation is that a high-contrast flag would be more conspicuous against the background of a crowd, especially when early races were run on dirt tracks and therefore dust reduced the driver's visibility.

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