Cerakote Finish for Lashbrook Wedding Rings


Color is universal. It is in everything you see and in everything you do.

But sometimes color means more. Sometimes a certain color can elicit an emotion, trigger a memory, or add meaning. You know the blue of her eyes. You know the crimson of the sunset where you proposed. Add a dash of color to your wedding band and capture those feelings.

Enhance the meaning behind your wedding ring or just add some of your own personality. Whether on the outside for all to see, the inside as a secret message, or both—the color collection by Lashbrook and Cerakote is one more powerful way to make your ring your own.

What is it?

Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. It was developed for performance applications, including the firearm, knife, and tool industries. Lashbrook is proud to partner with Cerakote to provide the most durable and vibrant color selection for jewelry.

Unique Characteristics

The Lashbrook and Cerakote Color Collection includes more than 90 unique color options, ranging in colors from blues and greens to pinks and purples. Cerakote finishes have better performance and reliability than other convention finishes, outperforming other coatings in both labratory settings and real world applications.

The unique formulation used for Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance properties including wear, corrosion and chemical resistance and impact strength. Cerakote also has remarkable heat tolerance, durability and hardness. It keep its coloring in temperatures as high as 250° Fahrenheit. Cerakote is rated 9h hardness, which is the highest hardness rating that can be achieved for color coatings. It is also incredibly durable, able to withstand 160 in-lbs of impact with no coating loss.

Cerakote can be added to any Lashbrook Ring. Outside color $30 (additional outside color $30.00). Inside color only $60. One outside color with the same color inside $60. Questions or for more information please email Maryloga@optonline.net or call 609-585-4127 .

Cerakote Finish

Cerakote Finish

Available Cerakot Colors