Custom Chinese Symbol Wedding Rings


These rings are really something special. Custom wedding rings with your text translated and written in traditional standard Mandarin. You just tell us what you want to be written and we will have it translated for you.

A flat proof is provided before the ring is made. You can select the ring profile - domed or flat, the width of ring and finish. The Chinese writing can be vertical or horizontal and select from 5 awesome font styles.

Traditionally Chinese is written vertically in columns from top to bottom but horizontal is also acceptable. You can select either if you have a preference or you can select which way looks best.

Font Style
We are offering five beautiful font styles: Standard, Classic Li, Stone Engraving, Running Script and Tablet Style. If you have your own font or your own handwriting we can use that as well.

Most popular profiles for this type of ring are the flat and domed profile rings as narraow as 5 mm and as wide as 10 mm wide. Add rounded, beveled or grooved edges for a little added style. Most popular finish for this type of ring is satin or satin center with polished beveled or grooved edge.

Titanium $337.00
Cobalt Chrome $397.00

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