The process


What is the process for ordering a custom ring?


So you think you may want to have a custom ring made and you have a design in mind.   Here is the general process that we go through with custom rings depending on the metal. We have more than one jeweler who would make the ring so there may be some variance to the procedure.

  • Quote

  • Deposit

  • Rendering

  • Size Confirmation

  • Rendering Approval

  • Production

Request a quote.  You can send an image of a similar ring, a stock image or a drawing of what you want.  I need to know what metal you are interested in. You may select more than one metal, i.e., you can ask for a quote for 10K white gold & a quote for cobalt chrome.  A quote for gold requires the finger size (or near size) and the width of the ring.  For alternative metals (titanium, cobalt chrome, zirconium) we don't need the size or width because the quote would be the same regardless.  Normally it takes a day or two for the quote depending on the complexity of the design.

Once you have the quote and decide you would like the ring done we would require a deposit (usually 50% of the total). We would send you gauges/or gauge to double check your size and have a rendering started.  A rendering is computer generated likeness of your ring.  Renderings take about a week and are emailed to you.  Once received you can make any changes (as many changes as you need, as many times as you need).  If for any reason you do not want to move forward with the ring, there is a charge for the rendering which depends on the metal and complexity of the design.  The charge is between $45 and $60 and that amount would be deducted from your deposit and the rest refunded.  (There is no charge for the rendering if you approve the ring and it goes into production).

Drawing - Renderings - Completed set of Celtic Heart Wedding Rings (Ladies 14K Yellow Gold) (Gents Titanium with  14K Yellow Inlay) - rendering for gent's ring was for rose gold and then changed to yellow. 


Once the ring is approved and the size is confirmed the ring will go into production.  Production time takes about three weeks (the rings can be rushed but there is $50 rush fee per ring).  The custom order is then treated as a layaway.  Once done you can pay the balance and have the ring shipped or you can wait until you are ready for the ring or make payments as you wish.  The rings must be paid in full before shipping.

Tell us about your idea. Add an image of what you would like if you have it?  Send it to