Lapis Lazuli stone of Friendship and Truth


Lapis Lazuli is a stunning semi-precious deep blue stone with golden inclusions.  Lapis (for short) is thought by many around the world as the stone of friendship and truth. The blue stone is said to encourage harmony in relationships and help its wearer to be authentic and give his or her opinion openly.  Sounds like a great stone to include in your wedding ring.

Lashbrook Designs offers a cobalt chrome wedding ring with a Lapis stripe.  Shown above in an 8 mm wide domed ring with a sandblast finish other standard finishes include polished or satin.  Custom finishes include hammer, treebark, machine or rock polish.



Lapis can be used in cobalt chrome or titanium wedding rings domed for flat. Find the Cobalt Chrome Lapis Wedding Ring at Unique Titanium Wedding Rings.  This ring can be further customized by changing the profile, metal and edges.

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