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Custom Rune Wedding Rings

Custom Rune Wedding Rings


The word "Rune" means "secret wisdom" or "mystery". The runic alphabet is comprised of a 24 rune sequence for Elder Futhark and 33 for Anglo Saxon. Like other phonetics based alphabets, each rune represents an idea and a sound, making them useful to spell out words. Though most experts believe their creation occurred sometime in the first century A.D., there are some who believe runes were first used as early as 200 B.C. (check out our pin board for information on the two alphabets: Elder Futhark or Anglo Saxon.)

Rune Wedding Rings

Rune Wedding Rings are very unique and have a very special meaning. We have a standard rune ring that is available with your custom phrase but you can customize your ring as much as you like. (See our standard rune ring style)


Runes can be added to the outside of any of our existing styles of plain rings in any metal including precious metals such as gold or platinum. You can also add a secret rune message on the inside of any ring. (show some rings with rune’s on the inside of a ring and outside of a ring)

Font Style
We offer two font styles: Elder Futhark or Anglo Saxon. You can opt to use your own font, art or your own handwriting Check out some samples below. Visit the rune converter to try out some phrases.

Profile and Metal
Our standard rune wedding ring for is a flat profile titanium ring with a satin center and polished rounded edges. However you can change the profile to domed or concave. Most popular profiles for this type of ring are the flat 7mm or 8 mm wide. Our standard metal for our custom rune wedding ring is titanium but you can customize your ring using cobalt chrome, black zirconium, damascus steel. You can also use precious metals such as sterling silver, 10K, 14K or 18K yellow, white or rose gold and platinum. Other available metals are tungsten, black or white tungsten and black ceramic. Edges can be changed to straight, beveled or grooved edges for a little added style. And of course you can change the finish.

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