Metal Spotlight: Black Zirconium

Zirconium Wedding Rings:

Zirconium: What is it?
Zirconium is an element on the periodic table. It has incredible chemical resistance and does not readily react with solvents, acids, bases or other common chemicals. Such unique characteristics make Zirconium a great material to use in exotic applications. Traditionally, it used as an alloy in nuclear reactors, submarines, and incendiary munitions.

Unique Characteristics:
Zirconium rings by Lashbrook are made using this same high-tech Zirconium alloy, which is comprised primarily of Zirconium with a few trace elements. These unique combinations of metals make Zirconium rings a perfect option for those with nickel and precious metal allergies and sensitivities. In its natural state, Zirconium is a silver-grey color. It earns its stark black appearance through Lashbrook’s proprietary heating process, in which a layer of hard black oxide grows on the metal. This black layer is much harder than raw Zirconium, but it is very thin. Unlike oxidized silver and black rhodium, this layer does not rub off over time. It is also more durable than black-coated rings, such as black titanium and black tungsten.

Hypoallergenic with an unparalleled chemical resistance
Strong without being brittle
Lightweight and comfortable
Deep black color available in pure black or two-tone black and silver
Black is not a coating which wears away or fades over time

Wear & Care:
Zirconium rings are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and comfortable. Zirconium rings should be treated as fine jewelry, and should be removed during harsh activities to avoid scratching. Managing expectations and helping customers understand the nature of Zirconium is fundamental to ensuring long-term satisfaction.

Black Zirconium Wedding Rings 

Mary Comerford