How to Get Your Fingerprints for Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint Wedding Rings

If you are looking for a truly unique one of a kind wedding ring you should consider the Fingerprint Wedding Ring. Fingerprint rings are very personal and can be done on just about any ring metals include titanium, cobalt chrome and black zirconium or precious metals 10K or 14K yellow, white and 14K rose gold. In any profile flat, domed or concave with any edge. You can opt to have the inside of your ring engraved with the a fingerprint or set of prints.

How to Get Your Fingerprints For a Fingerprint Wedding Ring

It is a very simple process to get your fingerprint made to create your fingerprint wedding bands. Here is what you will need:

1. Ink pad or inkless fingerprint pad that notaries use

2. Clean white paper

3. Digital camera or high-resolution mobile phone camera

Place the part of your finger you want engraved onto the ink pad. Be sure to get a uniform amount of ink on your finger, not too light and not too much, to prevent partial prints or smudged prints. Do not roll your finger, simply gently touch your finger to the paper and slowly lift your finger. Your fingerprint does not need to have dark lines, as long as the lines are clean and visible. After you get your prints on the paper, please inspect them, making sure they are not smudged, and they clearly show all the ridges of your finger. Then, take a picture of the fingerprint you’d like to use for your ring. Be sure to take the picture in a well lit room and make sure the camera is not moving or shaking as you take the picture. Otherwise, your perfect fingerprint will come out blurry. Once you are happy with the picture of your fingerprint you can simply e-mail to your jeweler.

Mary Comerford