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You should care for your meteorite wedding rings as you would any fine piece of jewelry.  Avoid doing yard work, automotive work, construction work, and any other activities that may involve coming into contact with corrosive and abrasive materials. Wearers should be sure to avoid hitting their rings against hard objects, as the force can result in denting and scratching.

Meteorite rings tend to be rust-resistant naturally, so wearers do not have to worry about taking the rings off when they wash their hands. While a relatively small degree of exposure to water can be acceptable, wearers should avoid excessive moisture whenever possible. Meteorite jewelry like all jewelry should be kept out of chemically treated and salt water especially pools, hot tubs.  All jewelry should be removed before showering. 

Much like with any article of fine jewelry, meteorite rings should never be exposed to bleach, chlorides, acids, household cleaners, or any other substances that are too extreme on the pH scale.

Maintenance can be as simple as applying a little bit of oil to the surface of the ring to actively prevent the iron components from rusting. If the meteorite ring does end up rusting, users can clear it up by dipping an old toothbrush in CLR cleaner and using it to scrub the rust off. Sometimes the patterns on the surface of the meteorite may start to wear away as the rings age. Users can have their rings etched again when this happens, as it is a normal part of wearing the jewelry.

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