About Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

Hammered Black Zirconium with Meteorite Center
Meteorite & Diamonds in Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are relatively new to the jewelry industry and are unlike any metal used before. Cobalt Chrome features many unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest. The most obvious being its brilliant near white luster. Cobalt Chrome is much whiter than titanium wedding bands and are as white, if not whiter than platinum. These wedding bands have a wonderful natural luster that will never discolor or fade. With Cobalt Chrome wedding bands, comfort is not sacrificed for style. Similar to the weight and feel of gold, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are very comfortable to wear.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are extremely durable and resilient. Because of the hardness and strength of this metal, it is proven to be more scratch resistant than other metals used in the jewelry industry. Along with the immaculate shine and durability,   Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings