About Black Zirconium Wedding Rings


Black Zirconium:

Black Zirconium is a contemporary metal and a bold alternative to traditional wedding bands. Black Zirconium is a durable, corrosion resistant metal and will not fade or wear. In its original form Zirconium is a gray-white shiny metal, resembling Titanium, still heavier and resembling more precious metals in its weight and feel. When heat is applied, a black, oxidized, ceramic-like coating forms and is extremely scratch resistant and strong. Unlike other black rings, Black Zirconium rings are black all the way through. In the rare instance that the ring does scratch or chip, more black material will show underneath. Zirconium does not conduct heat well and is relatively inert, making it a great choice for people with base metal allergies.   Visit Black Zirconium Wedding Rings