About the Metals




The natural color of titanium is grayish and looks similar to stainless steel. Titanium has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is relatively light. Without sacrificing durability and strength, titanium is 45% lighter than gold. Stronger than steel, titanium can take a beating against every day wear and tear.

Titanium has marketed as being scratch-resistant, however with normal wear small scratches and scuffs will appear. Although titanium is extremely hard and very durable, some abrasive materials such as sand and rocks can scratch the surface. However, these scratches are not permanent any local jeweler in can polish off those scratches. With a little polishing, titanium looks like new.

Unlike many popular metals, titanium is an inert metal and is not chemically active. This prevents titanium from tarnishing or oxidizing over time. Because of its inertness, titanium is completely hypoallergenic and is a perfect choice for people with gold or silver allergies. 
Titanium rings are constructed from solid bars of titanium, which results in a perfectly seamless, round ring. Due to the hardness of titanium, it is more difficult to cut and shape than other popular metals. Because of the unique nature, it is nearly impossible to re-size a titanium ring.  Titanium Wedding Rings

Black Zirconium


lack Zirconium is a contemporary metal and a bold alternative to traditional wedding bands. Black Zirconium is a durable, corrosion resistant metal and will not fade or wear. In its original form Zirconium is a gray-white shiny metal, resembling Titanium, still heavier and resembling more precious metals in its weight and feel. When heat is applied, a black, oxidized, ceramic-like coating forms and is extremely scratch resistant and strong. Unlike other black rings, Black Zirconium rings are black all the way through. In the rare instance that the ring does scratch or chip, more black material will show underneath. Zirconium does not conduct heat well and is relatively inert, making it a great choice for people with base metal allergies.  Zirconium Wedding Rings

Cobalt Chrome


Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are relatively new to the jewelry industry and are unlike any metal used before. Cobalt Chrome features many unique characteristics that set it apart from the rest. The most obvious being its brilliant near white luster. Cobalt Chrome is much whiter than titanium wedding bands and are as white, if not whiter than platinum. These wedding bands have a wonderful natural luster that will never discolor or fade. With Cobalt Chrome wedding bands, comfort is not sacrificed for style. Similar to the weight and feel of gold, Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are very comfortable to wear.

Cobalt Chrome wedding bands are extremely durable and resilient. Because of the hardness and strength of this metal, it is proven to be more scratch resistant than other metals used in the jewelry industry. Along with the immaculate shine and durability,   Cobalt Chrome Wedding Rings

Damascus Steel


Both beautiful and durable Damascus Steel is a blacksmith alloy created by fusing Surgical Steel with Fine Stainless Steel at extremely high temperatures.  The two types of steel are alternately layered a hundred fold, and then the hybrid steel is twisted and shaped into a single solid bar.  Various patterns are then folded into the solid bar of steel.   It is from this bar that each Damascus wedding ring is cut. 

Multiple layers are etched to reveal various pattern structures.  The more layers crossed, the denser the pattern formed.  Many styles of rings are then hand polished and dipped in acid which brings out the beautiful contrasts of the two steels.  The result is a ring with a distinctive dark grey appearance. 

It is the combination of these processes that make each Damascus steel wedding ring a truly one-of- a-kind masterpiece.  Damascus Steel Wedding Rings